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Thermal Spa

Unique waters

The Fontsanta Thermal Spa waters are different from any other spa in the Balearic Islands, so much so that they are the only thermal waters with subterranean origin on the islands.
These waters emerge from the underground and as they rise in shallow aquifers they acquire mineral elements in a form that would be almost impossible to reproduce artificially.
Due to this process the waters present a high level of minerals at 25,34 g/l, the predominant elements being chlorine and sodium in the form of salts. Other elements are present in smaller concentrations including magnesium, calcium, sulfur, fluorine, potassium etc. These rich minerals stimulate a series of positive effects on the body (skin improvement, blood and lymphatic circulation improvement, etc). Because of this they have been declared for public use since 1869.

Temperature: 37 - PH: 7.2

mg / kg : 6.471 Sodium - Potassium 224.0 - Magnseio793,1 - Calcium: 542.4 -Chloride 11,882 - Sulfate : 1879.0

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